Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tyra - you know I love you.

So, pretty much the whole point of having a blog is the freedom to re-post C-RAZY links, right?

Right. Solid.

So this youtube video has pretty much Everything I've Ever Wanted From Life:

1. Tyra Banks being COMPLETELY INSANE.
2. Tyra Banks asking Robert Pattinson to bite her.
3. Tyra Banks telling Robert Pattinson he looks dirty.
4. An accidental: HOLY CRAP, TWILIGHT IS WEIRD AND CRAZY reveal.
5. Pie-eating contests.
6. Taylor Lautner telling Tyra that he'd bite her, if requested.
7. Perhaps more fodder for my, "Maybe T-Laut is the cutest 16-year-old-boy-EVAR...or more probably the newest about-to-be-gay-icon-EVAR" theory.


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