Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's the thing, she's really only talking about parties in LA...

"Meg, why don't you ever update?"

"Because I hate you."

I very much enjoy that Miley Cyrus' diddy "Party in the USA" has spawned my two favorite kinds of cover.


And fabulously tongue-in-cheek gay man:

That is all.

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Mary said...

I think you should start updating your blog. Why, you might ask? (especially since Cor's plea didn't appear to properly motivate you) For the very good reason that after ummm approximately what 10 years with the internet, I finally figured out how to put favorites along the top of my computer (i'm so savvy) so now this blog is one of the favorites and i don't have to worry about forgetting the name of it and going through old emails to find it. Annnnnd, I've been checking it, but it's never updated. And that is the sad.

Convinced? No? There could be baked goods involved (as in, maybe it'll help convince you to update your blog if you also bake me things?) No doubt you're SUPER convinced work here is done :)