Thursday, May 20, 2010

We will TOTALLY braid each other's hair and play MASH some day

We're all well aware that one of my favorite games IN THE UNIVERSE is pretending that celebrities and I have friendships which are meant to be.

It's true, guys, the Hanson brothers just don't know how much they need me.

Today's target of creepy bff-ship? None other than the this-is-what-people-mean-when-they-say-girl-next-door-beauty-not-ScarJo-why-keep-insisting-that-woman-looks-like-your-neighbor, talented, effervescent Alison Brie.

Now, I don't watch Mad Men, but I have more than a mild crush on the entire cast and crew of Community and, well, then there's this:

C'mon. Please tell me you don't want to be that woman's best friend. PLEASE. Just TRY.

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amy von hawkins said...

I see that your blog has changed! I look forward to more Southwest Meg content.